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Again, Bogor City Education Office Burglarized Burglar

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Bogor – Bogor City Education Office, located on Highway Pajajaran, number 125, North Bogor, Bogor City thieves burglarized again, yesterday. There is no harm in the incident, but earlier, on Tuesday (12/10/10), Rp570 million in cash stored in the office brangkas Disdik successfully stolen a thief, and so far the case has not yet been revealed.

In action this time theft, the perpetrator, amounting to two people had captured on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). Flock thief ruin safe and mess ngacak drawer of the desk in the financial section of space on the second floor.

The perpetrator was wearing a black jacket with a high head cover has a great posture. Both were allegedly signed by disrupting the financial part of the window space. Until now the police are still investigating the amount of loss due to theft.

Bogor Police Chief City AKBP Slamet Wibowo Nugroho who come directly to the scene to explain, from the recognition of a number of employees in the finance department who entered thief, there is no material harm in the incident. “I get Disdik penjelaskan of leadership and the staff there, in a safe no cash and other valuables. But, so far we still go into these details, “said Nugroho AKBP Slamet Wibowo, yesterday.

According to him, besides damaging a safe and mess ngacak staff desk drawer at the financial, the offender also cut cable CCTV camera. “We’ll do an investigation through CCTV footage,” he said when met location of the incident.

Meanwhile theft-related cases that re-occur in the Office of the City Disdik Bogor, a number of officials in charge of education are reluctant to give an explanation.

In fact, an official at the time confirmed Disdik reporter via cell phone, denied the incident. “There is no theft here, where that information?,” Said the official was asked back

Until Thursday (24 / 2), evening joint Police officers and police Bogor Bogor City North continues to conduct investigations at the scene, to reveal who the perpetrators of the theft. Not only that, the officers also surround Disdik office to ensure through which the perpetrators entered the office. (Haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Februari 24, 2011 pada 9:43 am

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