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Motorcycle Steal Employers, Youth Arrested

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BOGOR – Syaiful, 18, a young man from Bumi Ayu, Central Java Unit officers arrested the Police Criminal Investigation and the Central Bogor, Bogor City, Friday (25 / 2).

He was arrested, was caught stealing a motorcycle because of Bustoni, 40, boss around Pakuan University Campus, Tegalega Village, Bogor Tengah, Bogor City. From the hands of perpetrators of officers confiscated one unit of Yamaha Mio which had taken away.

Bogor Police Central Kanitreskrim AKP Achmad Choerudin, revealing the perpetrator was arrested around Taman Kencana, Sempur Village, Bogor Tengah.

“We arrest after receiving information from the victim, that his motorcycle was stolen by the perpetrator, and if it is currently located at Taman Kencana,” he explained.

Before the officer, the offender admitted daring to steal a motorcycle owned by his former boss is, because of urgency needs to live. “The bike I stole, because I need money. So then I immediately took it to duplicate keys and parking in front of his house, “he said. (haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Februari 25, 2011 pada 10:44 am

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