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Allegedly Depression, Self Hanging Prisoners in Penitentiary

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BOGOR – Allegedly depression, Syahroji, 22, an inmate from Bojong Kampung Hilir, 01.01, Bojong village, Kemang, Bogor District was found dead hanging in Correctional Institution (LP) Pondok Rajeg, Cibinong, Bogor regency, on Saturday (26 / 2) night. Not only that, the victim’s body also found a sharp object incision in his left hand.

Information collected by states, the victim was first discovered, Maloy, 20, his partner who is also resident of Pondok Rajeg LP when going to the bathroom. Eye witnesses claimed to suspect, because the bathroom was locked from inside. “I think there are more people who waste water. Pas I bang on and he was forced open (victim, red) are dependent, “he explained.

Staff Unity Security LP Rajeg Cottage, Bambang Triwidodo
say, the bathroom is located in the space workers. Maloy is the first to know immediately reported to the officer. “Then we sanitize the location and report the incident to police,” said Bambang when found in space forensic PMI General Hospital, Bogor, on Saturday (26 / 2) night.

Bambang added that an occupant Syahroji 113 rooms in Block D,
Pondok Rajeg LP. He was sentenced to prison in drug case type
shabu-shabu. “The victim has undergone a jail term of about
year ago, “said Bambang.

He said he did not expect, if the victim to end his life with tragic way. Because, according to him, the victim is considered behave well and trusted by the LP to assist officers in the recording. “Victims do we trust to help the officer recording section. job log people
outgoing and incoming. so the victim can be free to the bathroom in space
officers, “said Bambang.

Until now, Bogor Police officers are still investigating the incident hanged himself. Bogor Police Kasatreskrim AKP Zulkarnaen Harahap confirmed the existence of prisoners who hanged themselves at Pondok Rajeg LP. “But we are still investigating the cause or reason for the victim to end his life by hanging himself. But based on the results of the investigation while the alleged victim of stress from too long languished in prison, “he explained. (Haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Februari 27, 2011 pada 9:51 am

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