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Armed Robber on the Day Fire in Action

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BOGOR – Abode Bun Po Khiong, 50, electronics entrepreneur who is located at Jalan Antareza, Complex Inraprasta 1, RT 06/15, Kelurahan Jati Bantar, North Bogor, Bogor City disatroni herd armed robber fire, yesterday.

In the action of four flocks were robbed, not only tackle a number of valuable items, such as a laptop unit, 4 units of mobile phones, a watch and cash valued at Rp1, 2 million alone. But they also did not hesitate to injure his victim and holding the occupants of the house.

Information collected by states, robbery happened in broad daylight at around 12:00 pm precisely. Steven Kulian, 25, son Khiong Bun Po, said the time he was in the second floor of his house along with Irene, 20, his future wife. Suddenly they were startled by a noise downstairs.

While on the stairs, I see there are two people out of the room my sister. I thought they were my friend’s sister, but they immediately put a gun in my direction, said Steven when found at the scene, yesterday.

Furthermore, he said, the perpetrators directly pointing a gun at Steven and pushed into the parents room is already locked up first. When inside the room, it turns out my dad has been clamped by the arms and legs bound, while threatening towards me and threatened to kill me if I yelled, obviously Steven.

Furthermore, they showed Khiong memksa Bun Po and open brangkasnya. Upset because the newspaper does not want to give what is asked the actors. Eventually the victim was shot one of his players after sebelummnya resistance.

My father had asked dibukain knot. Once opened, direct actors are encouraged and my father ran out as he shouted, and one of the direct perpetrators chase and shot him, obviously Steven.

Although the thieves swarm is generating three times the shots, but Bun Po Khiong has only suffered gunshot wounds to his left waist section. Until now, Bun Po Khiong undergoing treatment at either the nearest clinic.

Meanwhile, Amoy, 45, wife Bun Po Khiong, say, when the incident itself was outside the home. However, Amoy admitted he met with the actors in front of his house.

“When I’m leaving, I met with them (actors, red). They wondered about the people who lived next to my brother, after that I went straight away, without any suspicion, he added.

Wakapolres Bogor City, Guntur Kompol Sunoto, explain to this day it still doing the investigation and pursuit of the perpetrators who flee using the motor.

Based on witness testimony of victims, the perpetrators used a firearm which type is still unknown. But the perpetrators had fired shots and hit the victim, said Kompol Guntur.

But in the incident, the perpetrators succeeded in a number of valuable asset such as a single unit offering a laptop, four mobile units, one at his watch and wallet containing cash Rp1, 2 million. (Haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Februari 28, 2011 pada 12:04 pm

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