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Husband Kills Wife

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BOGOR  – Endah Indri, 33, a resident of Jonggol, Bogor District was found dead with wounds full condition blow a blunt object, dikediamannya in Housing Citra Indah, Jonggol, Bogor regency, on Sunday (27 / 2) night.
Information collected by states, the victims allegedly murdered her husband’s initials J, 38, on Sunday (27 / 2) evening.

The victim was first found in Ruth, 29, his neighbors when they want to visit to his residence.  “When you sign in, I see the victim was lying on the floor, with full wound conditions,” he said. The findings are reported directly to the officer Ruth Jonggol police.
Officers who have direct reports to do the next scene if the scene (the scene) and the victim was taken straight to Kramatjati Police Hospital, East Jakarta, for at autopsy.

“The wound on the victim’s head allegedly due to blow a blunt object, but to ensure we bring the bodies of victims to Kramatjati Police Hospital for autopsy,” said Purnomo Kapolsek Jonggol Kompol when contacted journalists.

To investigate the case, it directly memintai testimony of witnesses. After going through penyilidikan, police suspect the husband finally had the initials A victim as perpetrator of murder. J, is the security in Citra Indah housing.

“Description of the early J argued and admitted surprise over his wife’s death. At that time, he claimed to have been picket duty. But when the checks to the list of picket night, J was not on duty. From there we immediately focus on investigation and examination of the suspect who eventually confessed J he who killed him, “he explained.
However, it has not been able to confirm a motive for murder. However, the victim based on neighbor information, two-child couples, it is often bicker mouth. “We are still studying related motive for the murder of his wife J who made this,” he explained. (Haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Februari 28, 2011 pada 11:53 am

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