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Vice Mayor of Bogor District Court Review

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Achmad Ru'yat

BOGOR – Vice Mayor of Bogor Achmad Ru’yat who became one of the suspects corruption budget funds in 2002 valued at Rp 6, 8 billion, at last checkup at the State Attorney (Kejari) Bogor, yesterday.

Currently undergoing examination, the politician from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) was accompanied by four teams of lawyers that is Sholeh Amin SH, Superior Cahyaka SH, Malin Aldefri Suminto Bagindo SH and SH. Not only that, former Vice Chairman of the Parliament of West Java was also accompanied by the legal department Pmkot Bogor.

Achmad Ru’yat examined for seven hours from 09:30 pm until 15:00 pm by a team of investigators led by Heads of State Attorney (Kajari) Bogor, Ghazali Hadari Fatria its Criminal Section Chief, Section Chief and the Attorney Intel Wing Barcal Febrianda , S Rade, Desiree P, Nurwendah and dust pan.

Bogor Kajari Hadari Ghazali explained after examination summons against Achmad Ru’yat are investigating an early stage. “In our earlier asking 36 questions related to allegations of corruption in 2002 budget funds worth Rp 6, 8 billion,” he explained.

As for the second stage, the plan will re-summon Bogor Kejari second person in the city of Bogor, on Monday (7 / 3) future. For this first call, it did not make an arrest because it collided with the existing procedures in accordance with Law No. 32/2004 on Regional Government (Pemda). “Bertahaplah, anyways to make an arrest it we need permission again to the president and it will take longer,” he explained.

According to him, Bogor Kejari have another way to do

detention, however it did not want to mention is the other way. “Obviously we’re going to try it, do not have to wait for an arrest warrant permission to the president, because it will take some time,” he explained.

Meanwhile, one of Sholeh Amin Ahmad’s legal team Ru’yat explained, it would not make any effort, before the results of the investigation is complete. “This is just the initial investigation and we will study the focus of the proceedings against the other board members. And we will follow the existing procedures or rules in accordance with applicable law, “he explained, briefly.

Based on observation, the process of examination of the Vice Mayor of Bogor is also briefly stained sympathetic action of mothers who are members of the Assembly Dhikr Bogor (MDB). In the action in addition to dozens of mothers held a poster that includes support, against Achmad Ru’yat, also take action istighotsah.

On the same occasion, the action of sympathetic and support for Achmad Ru’yat continues to flow. Dozens of young men belonging to the Movement of Concerned Masyarakata Bogor (pound), also expressed aspiration to hold the same poster that is requesting exempt Achmad Ru’yat known as ustadz it.

Posters will include among others ‘liberate us a good religious teacher’, ‘Ru’yat good people’ and ‘Kejari must be fair’. “As for what happened is the fault of the system. So our leaders, victims of a system,” shouted one of his mothers.

Just to note, corruption was committed Achmad Ru’yat become Vice Chairman of Parliament during the period 1999-2004. Achmad Ru’yat is one of 45 members of parliament 1999-2004 Bogor City stumble in corruption case funds worth Rp 6, 8 billion. Earlier, 32 members of parliament 1999-2004 Bogor others have been sentenced to 1 year imprisonment by the District Court (PN), Monday (02/08/2010). (Haryudi)


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Februari 28, 2011 pada 12:23 pm

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