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Burglar BBP2TP Office Burglarized

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BOGOR – Office of Research and Development Center for Agricultural Technology (BBP2TP) Department of Agriculture, located in Student Military Road, No. 10, Bogor Tengah, Bogor City, herd thief burglarized yesterday.

As a result of that incident, laptop belonging Gita Finance Sub Division staff and equipment BBP2TP digasak actors who estimated more than two people. Even based on the results though, the scene of Central Bogor police officer, a brangkas containing cash amounting to Rp13 million, barely digasak herd thief.
Information collected by states, perstiwa BBP2PT theft in office was first known by Bekti Subagja who served as Head of Subdivision of Employment and Household.
“It was about 06.00 pm Mr. Bekti will go to his office located on the second floor, but by then he was suspicious because the window space of stationery as well as the warehouse was in an open condition,” explained Security Coordinator Office Fahrudin BBP2TP incident location when found.
Kanitreskrim Police Central Bogor, AKP Ahmad Choirudin when found in the location the incident said the alleged perpetrators entered the office by way of climbing the back wall. “Actors get into the gouged out by the window in a special room storage of stationery,” he explained.
The perpetrators managed to carry only one unit employee-owned laptops are stored in the room. While the money in brangkas digasak thieves have not had time, they suspected trouble to unpack. “We’re still doing the investigation and development with a number of witnesses memintai information,” he explained. (Haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Maret 1, 2011 pada 10:49 am

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