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TNI Officer Houses Robbed

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BOGOR – House former Commander of the Military District Command (Dandim) 1616 Gianyar, Bali, Lt. Col. Inf Andrea Ponto, 48, which located at Jalan Intanm No. 19, Komplek IPB II, Baranangsiang Village, Bogor Timur, Kota Bogor disatroni gang of armed robbers heat, yesterday.

As a result, a number of valuable items in the form of six cell phones, jewelry gold necklaces, wedding rings, diamonds, pearls and a box of cash amounting to Rp2, 7 million had digasak thief herd estimated at four.

Information collected by states, robbery occurred about 05:30 pm, when the occupants of the house Rahmawati Susie, 41, (wife of Lt. Col. Inf Andrews) Sutarman, 70, and Tarmini, 67, (parents Susie) who was talking in the living room .

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Inf Adrian, who now serves as a staff officer Madya aid administration VI of the General Staff of the Army Intelligence TNI headquarters official had already left for work at Army Headquarters and the two sons of the victim had already left for school.

To expedite the action, holding that the entire herd rob residents of the house bathroom. “At that time I heard the car in front of the house. Pas want to be seen, one of the players already at the door brandishing a pistol to threaten us to be quiet, “said Susie East Bogor police officer, yesterday.

He further said, after asking the victim to remain silent, the perpetrators directly bind and confine them in the bathroom. At that moment, freely robbers steal all valuables owned by the victim. “They force us to hand over jewelry and cell phones. Even the cash stored didompet asked each of us, “he said.

According to him, the perpetrator was driving a silver Kijang Inova come and one another that had entered the yard who happened at that time the fence is not locked.

Iroh, 25, one of the maids in the homes of victims to explain, she came to her employer’s house at around 6:30 in the morning. “When I entered, the mother was able to release the bond and untie the hands of both parents,” said Iroh when found at the scene.

After successfully untied, Susie immediately reported the incident to Mapolsek East Bogor. The officer who received the report l angsung the scene and perform the scene though.
Until now, officials are still investigating at the scene. Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Inf homeowners Andrew Ponto do not provide relevant information perampokkan action that occurred at his home.
Bogor City Police Kasatreskrim AKP Indra Gunawan justify robbery incident at the residence of former Dandim Gianyar Bali 1616. “We have conducted police investigations and East Bogor, while for development in order to uncover the perpetrators of the alleged robbery was planned, we are together,” said Indra AKP, yesterday

As preached, formerly, the residence of Po Bun Khiong, 50, a cell phone entrepreneur who is located at Jalan Antareza, Complex Inraprasta 1, RT 06/15, Kelurahan Jati Bantar, North Bogor, Bogor City disatroni armed robber swarm of fire on Monday (28 / 2 ) ago.

In the action of four flocks were robbed, not only tackle a number of valuable items, such as a laptop unit, 4 units of mobile phones, a watch and cash valued at Rp1, 2 million alone. But they also did not hesitate to injure his victim and holding the occupants of the house. (Haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Maret 1, 2011 pada 10:43 am

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