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Corruption School Cuts Through Facebook, Three Girls in the DO

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BOGOR – Because of the school accused of corruption through social networking site Facebook, Presta Maul, 17, Diana Amelia, 18, Firda Princess, 17, three female students Vocational School (SMK) Development, Pajajaran Road, North Bogor, Kota Bogor in drop out (DO).

Information collected by states, the case was raised after three students and their, Rinawati, 18, Fifi Latifah, 17, Agustianingsih, 18, Munengsih, 18, Salamah Rizkia, 17, five other colleagues who received similar treatment by the school complained to the Commission D ( Field of Education) DPRD Bogor City, Road Captain ploy, Bogor Tengah, Bogor City, yesterday.

Before members of parliament, Bogor City Education Department and the Vocational Development, the victims of arbitrary kesahnya complained said the school, having trouble finding a new school after the DO and hopes to continue her education, as she shed tears.

“I make the status of the wall (wall) facebook like that, because it just annoyed with the school, when he heard the officer PDAM Bogor come collect water bills, that my school nunggak three months,” Presta said in a conference room III DPRD Bogor City, yesterday.

Based penuturannya, status wall contains allegations that a majority of female vocational school that has corruption. “I just write ‘corruption looh me at school! I want to Exterminate! ‘, years because of it, I immediately pulled out of school, “he said,

He also lamented, close colleagues who participate comments and likes that his status in the wall, part arrogance affected schools. “I only had like this in doang. Kok is also subject to dropout, “said Firda told reporters on the sidelines of the calling party and the school by the local parliament Disdik Bogor City.

Similar disclosed, Diana Amelia, who feels unfairly treated, because only comment on the status of the wall at her friend’s FB account Fresta Gladies Alegra he must be a victim of the authoritarian party school.

“If I only had like this in and commented ‘Hahaha really bener tuh’. Comments so doang my time at the drop out, without any warning letter, and immediately was thrust abruptly resigned a written statement by the school, which melike this fact in and comment on the status Presta not just me but a lot, really why only three of us alone , this is discrimination, “explained Diana second grader in the school’s marketing department.

Meanwhile, a class III Rinawati marketing department admitted in drop out because the school has done pointed considered immoral and defame the school. “I was expelled because I was accused of rarely attending school, often out of the hotel, no plausible reason, the evidence is all right,” he said aloud to address allegations the school who embarrass it.

According to him, not only just but friends Rinawati classmates who often gathered with him, just because rarely attend school, accused of the same and eventually released. “If it’s like this, I want schools where else. After I’ve spent looking for five schools, but no one wants to accept. I just want to continue school, because soon have a national exam, “he hoped before the members of Commission D, and the school.

In response to that problem, the Chairman of Commission D City DPRD Bogor Laniasari Davis recommends that the aspirations of students drop out, it can resume his education. “They are the hope of our nation. We ask the schools to allow them to school anymore. After hearing the complaints, it is not rational, the school with his students just out, with no warning, “said PDI-P politicians from it.

The same is submitted Mulyadi, a member of Commission D of the other. After the last meeting it hoped the school to supervise and ensure that victims DO it, could continue their education. “If not, we will make specific recommendations both to the school and Disdik,” he explained.

Bogor City Secretary Dawn Disdik Maulana Yusuf explained that in the near future it will come Disdik West Java province, to mengkroscek related to the number of examinees nationwide. “Especially the girls that this third class we will try, so they can take the national exam which was held on April 18 to 21 next,” he explained.

Meanwhile, SMK Development Principals Fahruraji says ready to accept eight students who complained to parliament this Bogor City, to be able to follow the teaching and learning activities again. “Yes we are ready to accept them back. Monday (7 / 2) to come we will call them to re-learn. As long as they want to obey school rules and have a strong desire to learn seriously, “he explained. (Haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Maret 3, 2011 pada 11:27 am

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