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Traders Soto, crushed Bus Killed

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BOGOR – Johan, 26, merchant soto origin Village / Kelurahan Kebon Pedes, RT 3.1, Land Sareal, Bogor city employee died after being run over a bus on Highway Kedunghalang, exactly in front of Headquarters Command Unit II Pioneer Police Mobile Brigade, Kedunghalang, North Bogor, Bogor City, yesterday.

Information collected by states, while the victim was tandem with Nining, 25, his wife used motorcycles 6109 Yamaha Scorpio ZF BO toward Cibubur. While his wife suffered only broken bones and bruises and eventually had to undergo intensive treatment in the emergency department unit PMI Bogor.

Arriving at the scene, the victim who tried to overtake the bus from the rear motor bus driven by nudging the body until it finally fell off and crushed.

“Having run over the victim, the bus was trying to escape, but the arena situation in pomad k jam, the effort failed and the bus driver were apprehended police officers,” said Andi 30, witnesses, location of event, yesterday.

Kasatlantas Bogor City Police, the AKP Zainal Arifin said, the results of crime scene, while the victim was driven by the motor trying to overtake from the right side of the bus. “Head of the victims who were right behind diban immediately crushed. He died in the location. The wife suffered only bruises. The driver of the bus are still undergoing examination in Mapolres Bogor City, “said Zainal AKP. (Haryudi)


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Maret 3, 2011 pada 11:31 am

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  1. wah mantap kali gambarnya lo aku pengen lagi yang lebih mengerikan ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Fonisman Telaumbanua Fonisman

    September 13, 2011 at 12:12 pm

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