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Minimarket Bulging Seals

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ilustrationsOGOR - Bogor regency through the ranks at level Caringin District, Bogor Regency sealing one mini pocket bulging aka no permission in Kampung Cikereteg, RT 01/04, Desa Ciderum, Caringin, Bogor District, yesterday.

The team consisting of Civil Service Police Unit (Sat Pol PP), police and led directly Secretary Camat Caringin Dharmatin Dandan, a mini market close by menggemboknya.

In addition without a permit from the District Government (local government), Bogor, in this case the agency that handles licensing buildings, mini market is also being denied the alias did not get permission from local people.

“In addition there is no permit, residents also declined. And worry about being too lethal in addition to traditional markets, “said Dandan at the site publisher.

According to him, this new mini operate a few days ago. Although not allowed to build beberapakali commemorated by the Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) Building Ciawi, but still ignored.

“Management continues to build. Even the construction of the mini was going fast in the next two weeks is over and directly operate on Monday (28 / 2), “he explained.

Straightening himself gone smoothly and no rejection. The management or the workers did not move, while sealing in progress, so that the goods in the mini that can not be excluded.

Meanwhile, Ruswandi, 37, haberdasher around the site to support the firm stance of the Bogor Regency. “Yeah we was refused. This market, more pity that such a grocery store next to us who have a license, if allowed to go bankrupt. Agree when closed instead should be dismantled. Do not have a permit, “he said.

Based on the data, the Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag) in Bogor District, which operates from 400 mini, only 10 percent who have a permit or about 360 of his bulging.

“Right now there are about 360 mini is illegal. Because their existence clearly violate public order regulations and permits

building, I asked Mon Pol PP act immediately it apart, “said the Vice Regent Employees Bogor Faturahman some time ago. (haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Maret 4, 2011 pada 10:55 am

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