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Circulate Sabu, Traders Sembako arrested

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BOGOR – Men initials OB Menyeng alias alias Boy, 40, food vendors from Kampung / Village Pabuaran, Mount Sindur, Bogor Regency Satnarkoba Police officer arrested in Bogor, yesterday.

Boy arrested when the officer was watching the ball dikediamannya at 01.00 pm. From the hands of convicts who had languished in prisons (LP) Cipinang, Jakarta, in a similar case, the officers seized seven packages weighing 1 gram of methamphetamine.

Opening the perpetrators claim to distribute narcotics officer type of methamphetamine since six months ago. During this time he get a supply of methamphetamine from a dealer in the area Parung.

From the airport, whose identity was withheld, he bought one gram of methamphetamine worth Rp 1.4 million. Sabu weighing 1 gram is then broken down into seven packages and sold USD 300 thousand for each package. “I can gain USD 700 thousand of one gram of methamphetamine, which I bought,” he said.

Within a week said the perpetrator, he can buy up to three times the shabu weighing 1 gram. During this time customers are residents in the vicinity of his residence. “I stress pack of baseball work, so I might as well sell methamphetamine use,” he said.

Until now, officials are still developing the case for the pursuit of methamphetamine dealers who supply illicit goods to the Boy. “One person who allegedly airport again we’re after, its location we already know we live monitor its movement,” said Police Chief Satnarkoba Bogor AKP Luky B Irawan, yesterday.

According to him, the offender was arrested after it got information related to the rampant circulation of drugs in the area of Mount Sindur. “From that information we then develop and deploy members to conduct an investigation. As a result, it turns out Boy is this semala old players who had been the target of the operation (TO) us, “he said. (Haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Maret 10, 2011 pada 9:50 am

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