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Humorous and Got To Buy Bread, Not Thinking Hanging Yourself

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* Husband and Wife Suicide Phenomenon Due to debt

Depression can happen to anyone. Do not look at wealth, age or background or social status. Especially for those who live in urban. Fatal, if not ready to face the economic pressures can affect and obscure psychological reason, especially in large urban environments. Evidence, on Tuesday (8 / 3) then, the people closest to Cinhai, 30, and Lei Vera, 29, husband and wife who is known as the boss store building was desperate to end his life by hanging himself at Kampung Cibinong Wates, RT 04 / 05, Village Cibinong, Mount Sindur, Bogor Regency. St. A Rianto, 35, uncle Lei Vera did not think his nephew with her husband will do senekat it. “Maybe they think of debt stress. His name is also a business, if not menghutang how could want to buy the goods. Obviously I do not think they will do this senekad, “he told reporters. Similar disclosed, Nunu, 37, a resident who has a shop around not far from the store building owned by two couples from Highway Ciseeng, RT 1.1, Ciseeng, Bogor regency. “Because, a few hours before Lei Vera had shopping to buy bread into my shop. We know him, he (Lei Vera, ed), humorous and kind. So I do not think aja, ended his life by hanging himself, “he said. Just to note, this couple found dead from Ciseeng pathetic depending on the store building he owns in Kampung / Village Cibinong, RT 4.5, Mount Sindur, Tuesday (8 / 3) morning. Presumably these couples, ended his life by hanging himself, because of debt stress. But to find out other causes of cases are now handled by officers mapolsek gunungsindur could bring in sniffer dogs from the Mobile Brigade Depok Kelapa Dua to the location of the two bodies depends. Based on information compiled SINDO, the first known incident Nadul, 32, Agus, 29, and Amit, 30, employees of the store building owned by the victim when they want to ask the cost to send cement at 08.00 pm. Due to the store building is still in a locked state they call call him but no answer. “Because the material is still locked the door so I pangil-called bosses, but there was no answer at last we were waiting outside,” said Nadul the day-to-day operational vehicle into the driver store building owned by the victim. Because of long waiting, finally Nadul contact the parents boss who lives in Jakarta. “The parents ordered us to to forcibly dismantle the shop door. After we dismantle, mingled panic surprised to see them (the victims, red) was killed depends, in one room using plastic mines, blue, “he explained. Kapolsek Mount Sindur, Kompol Oding Sopandi, said this event is pure hanged himself and no other criminal acts. “There are no items missing victims. And we also found no wounds on the bodies of victims of persecution, and we secure the blue mine who allegedly used to hang himself, and a pair of scissors as evidence,” said Kompol Oding Sopandi. (Haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Maret 10, 2011 pada 10:10 am

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