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Enjoying Coolness Rain City

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Bogor can not be denied is still the main destination of capital and a buffer zone for off fatigue. But, please note, not only the peak that offers beauty. Many other attractions can be enjoyed in the City of Rain.

Talk Bogor is not separated from the Peak Area. Since old times, this region has become the main magnet of the tourists to enjoy the fresh air.

View Telaga Malingping, Bogor. Photo: Haryudi

Although the atmosphere is already different from ten years ago, plus the traffic jams that nearly every weekend wrap, until recently a

number of attractions in the cool temperate region remained eksis.Suguhan natural panorama and a vehicle to play on offer continues to attract tourists. But since three years ago, Peak area (District Ciawi, Megamendung, and Cisarua) removed as one of the national tourist destination due to environmental damage sporadically.

Investors also looked at other southern regions of Bogor (Cigombong, Cijeruk, and Caringin). Today many people who had been mis

sed by the atmosphere of cool, beautiful, and quiet while families prefer recreation to this area without having to pass through traffic jams for hours as the peak current. Although relatively far away and the access road is not as wide as Peak Road, atmosphere and natural beauty into a tourist attraction no less interesting.

Moreover, the facilities offered a number of tourism service providers in Cijeruk, Caringin, and Cigombong quite interesting and complete. One of them Malingping Lake Nature Tours is located in Kampung Malimping, Ciadeg Village, Cigombong District, Bogor Regency provides various facilities. Natural tourist sites are located right at the foot of Mount Salak it provides a variety of vehicle or playing field, culinary, and lodging.

“We are here to provide a variety of playground suitable for families, lodging, and Sundanese cuisine,” said Lake Nature Tourism Marketing Manager Malimping, Oki Oktarini.

Furthermore, he said, the price of admission to the arena of nature tourism that is relatively inexpensive Lake Malimping Rp2.500 per person. Not only that, visitors are also treated to the playing area which is also relatively inexpensive cost of these pools Rp5000 per person, flying fox 15,000 (kids), and Rp30.000 (adult).

“Canopy 15,000 per person, bath balls Rp5.000 water per person, ATV Rp20.000 per person, 10,000 per person banana boat, boat 10,000 per person, waterball 15,000 per person, and the palace balloon Rp5 000 per person, “he explained.

Meanwhile, about 5 km and other natural tourist attraction with nearly the same facility also has been present in the village of Cibalung, Cijeruk, Bogor Regency. For the citizens of the capital city which is often a culinary tour in the area warso durian plantation, located about 1 km.

Located that almost one lane with natural tourist area towards Lake Malimping if the direction of Bogor City. The place is named Cibalung Happy Land. Besides still beautiful, more games facilities to educate the family. The visitors who bring children can be introduced to how to grow crops. T

hen plow the fields, taking fish in the pond. Similar to other natural attractions, there is provided outbound, flying fox, and river rafting.

“But the hallmark of excellence and we, here we provide a happy camp facilities for Rp500.000 per group (four people).” Kata Happy Cibalung Director Land Sudirman.

Here, visitors can memetikstrawberrydandibawa home at a cost of 15,000. Especially for white water rafting, visitors are charged Rp200.000 per person and at least 15 people. “The river used for rafting or white water rafting is Cisadane River a distance of 11 km,” he said.

Time to Enjoy and pickled Soto Mi Bogor Regions Katulampa, Bantar Kemang Timur Bogor, Bogor City has become one of the icons of industry and marketing leather bag Bogor. Echo was heard throughout negeri.Namun sometimes people forget that Katulampa, in addition to two factory outlet known as purse and the biggest shoes, bags and Resources Work Station Belle (SKI) Tajur Bag, also known by the Sundanese cuisine.

In this case, SKI Bag restoran.Di Tajur have this restaurant is typical Sundanese food, rice lead lengkap.Cukup issued Rp30.000, visitors are able to lead full fed rice (rice, fish sauce, tamarind vegetable, vegetables, tofu, tempeh, and obese). “The difference here complete with the obese. So visitors do not need to order separately obese, we’ve given it all here, “said Chief Resto SKI, Erwin Darmawan.

Food is the most sought-after specialties Bogor, namely soup noodles. With the price of 15,000 buyers can enjoy the taste of the real soto bogor mi. “Bogor typical menu is most often requested,” said Erwin. For those who like to hunt for traditional foods Bogor this one do not forget to go stop by to Jalan Surya Kencana and Siliwangi. There are pickled in Building In, which is famous for decades. (haryudi)

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Written by YudiBageur

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