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Thousands of Classrooms in Bogor Regency Need Improvement

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this is one of the damaged classrooms SDN 05 Cisarua, Bogor regency, on Friday (12 / 3). photo: Haryudi

BOGOR – A total of 1665 primary school classrooms (SD) in Bogor Regency condition is very alarming and requires immediate repair. Therefore, conditions that threaten the teaching and learning activities of students.

For example, based on the observation schools that need to be repaired is SDN Cisarua 05, which located in the village / subdistrict Cisarua, and SDN Cidokom 02, at Village Cidokom, Rumpin, Bogor Regency.

SDN 05 Cisarua For at least three classrooms were badly damaged condition and disrupt teaching and learning activities (KBM) since several years ago. So that hundreds of students in grade IV, V, and VI Elementary School were evacuated when rain falls.

Damage to the classroom is seen most of the walls had severely damaged the roof kropos that leaked every time it rains. Water that comes into the classroom also led to a table and chairs in this classroom were severely damaged.

Most of the tables and chairs have been peeling and porous so it is not convenient to learn. The school was forced to make a landfill in the classroom, close to the board for the rain, the class was not so stagnant.

Head of SDN 05 Cisarua, Yaya Mulyana, describes three classrooms since 2007, because the building was old. “Because since 1980, this building was established as a Presidential Instruction no schools, as yet not been repaired,” he explained.

Elsewhere, the effects of damage to classrooms, dozens of students SDN Cidokom 02, already more than three years conducting teaching and learning in teacher housing. In fact, many cut their teaching activities, because they have to take turns with other students who entered the afternoon.

“Because our student numbers are not comparable with the classroom teacher so that forced the home office use. Indeed it should not be happening, especially for primary schools, but we were forced to take this action so that all students are accommodated and can follow the lessons of school, “said Principal SDN Cidokom 02, Jumali.

Meanwhile, Chief Technical Curriculum Implementation Unit (UPTK) Cisarua extension of Bogor District Education Office Ade Suryana said of the 35 primary schools, at least there are 5 elementary schools need to immediately get a repair. “One of them Cisarua SDN 05, SDN Citeko then 01, Cibeureum SDN 02, SDN Cilember I, and SDN Jogjogan 02. We have already suggested during consultation on development planning (Musrenbang) to the Bogor Regency, “said Ade Suryana.

Head of Program of Bogor District Education Office, Shalahudin Ustadzah, this damage occurs because of various things such as a lack of financing. ”It occurred equally in all districts in Bogor Regency,”he said.

It had budgeted funds amounting to Rp132 billion from Pendaptan Budget Regional Budget (APBD) and Expenditure Budget (APBN). About 70 percent of the funds disbursed to schools for classroom quality care available. “While the rest is used to increase kulitas Human Resources (HR) in schools as teachers and pupils,” he explained. (Haryudi)


Written by YudiBageur

Maret 14, 2011 pada 8:56 am

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